Zhejiang HUIHAO Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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As a professional manufacturer and supplier of diesel engines and diesel generator sets, HUIHAO always deliver full service and technical support to satisfy customers. We own the largest after-sales service team in the industry and create the most perfect after-sales service system. All products from HUIHAO including single cylinder diesel engines, double cylinder diesel engines, diesel gensets, DC welders, diesel water pump, emergency lighting equipment, etc. can enjoy one year warranty, and they are enclosed with accessories and quick wear parts when delivered to customers.

After-sales service is not only what you concern about the most but also the most important thing that we take seriously. Our after-sales services can be divided into three phases, namely before delivery, in delivery and during use.

Before Delivery
1. We will assist you in preparing your working sites in advance.
2. Before delivery of our products, based on the information you send to us, we will conduct spot test and run until the equipment you purchase is qualified.
3. We can freely offer technical trainings for installation, debugging and maintenance as well as necessary installation guidance, operation guidance, safety training and attentions.

In Delivery
1. Each set of HUIHAO diesel engines, generators and other machines is enclosed with an operation manual.
2. According to various transportation methods including sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation, we will take indispensable protection measurements to resist moisture, rust and breakage.

During Use
1. When you receive the products, we can appoint our professional after-sales service team to your place to implement equipment installation and trial run.
2. HUIHAO has sufficient accessories in stock. If you need to replace accessories, we can timely offer you corresponding ones by factory price. If required, we can guide your engineer to conduct replacing by means of calls or videos.
3. If the equipment has something wrong during operation, you can describe the problems to us by telephone or internet and our after-sales service team will offer you solutions within 24 hours.
4. Under one year warranty, we offer free replacement service for those products with quality problems.