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Diesel Generator Set Applications

HUIHAO diesel generator sets have found extensive applications in various industries. For example, these power generation units can be ideally used asbuilding generators,vehicle generators, and emergency generators, as well as communication generators.

1. Diesel Generator Set Used as Backup Power for Buildings
Although diesel generator is only used as emergency power supply now, it still boasts wide applications. For instance, it is widely used in various buildings such as office buildings, residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc. for powering lights, electric appliances, elevators, and other things. Generally, it is used as backup power, for handling the insufficient grid electricity or for emergency use.

HAOYU diesel generator set features low noise design, effectively avoiding sound pollution. Through connection to an ATS, it can immediately supply power for the building when main power supply fails. Stability and low noise as well as AMF function and ATS unit enable our diesel powered generator to meet the special requirements of all styles of buildings around the world.

2. Diesel Generator Set for Communication Industry
Along with the rapid development of communication network technology, the equipment in each data center shows increasingly high requirement for power grid quality. To meet the requirements of various communication operators, HUIHAO develop high performance diesel generator sets which are perfect for communication industry. Our diesel generator is intelligent and does not require manual control. It is widely used in a variety of communication fields including communication switching center, microwave communication center, data center, mobile base station, etc.

3. Diesel Generator Set for Commercial and Recreational Vehicles
HUIHAO generator set is widely used for commercial and recreational vehicles as well as special construction vehicles. It features unrivalled stability which is of great significance for commercial and recreational vehicles, and passes a series of strict quality test on both characteristics and technologies. In addition, our vehicle generators can all enjoy our perfect after-sales service systems.

4. Diesel Generator Set Used as Outdoor Emergency Power Supply
Due to small size, light weight, portability and fully equipped character, our diesel generator is convenient for operation and maintenance in spite of lower power. It is ideally used as emergency power supply or temporary power supply for outdoor rescue or construction purposes.