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Two-Cylinder Gasoline Generator

Description of Gasoline Generator
The gasoline genset is mainly composed of gasoline engine, generator rotor, capacitor, control panel and other components.
The gasoline engine is four-stroke, air-cooled and high-speed (3000r/min), the insulation class of generator is F, the efficiency is greater than 95%, with brush excitation and AVR voltage control, the protection class is IP22 or above. The machine has light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, low vibration, easy installation and other advantages.
At the same time the genset has short circuit protection for the overload protection. Equipped with Apollo 36Ah 12V maintenance-free batteries, can ensure more than 20 consecutive starts.
The fuel tank of unit can maintain continuous operation for more than 6 hours.
The generator is equipped with exhaust muffler and frame shock absorber, and adopt dry cartridge type air filter, shell type oil filter and fuel filter, that facilitate the replacement. The unit adopt the overall structure and the protective device for rotating parts to ensure the safety and reliability.
The unit is certificated by CE.
Our company is certificated by ISO9001.

1. Powered by 2V78F air-cooled engine, double cylinder
2. Large fuel tank
3. Higher output power and lower fuel consumption
4. Superior cooling and performance for longer component life

Model HHDE12000E HHDE12000E3
Rated frequency Hz 50 60
Rated voltage V 110~240
Rated output Kva 9.0 11.3
Max.power Kva 10.0 12.5
Rated speed R/min 3000 3600
Phase number Single phase Three phase
Power factor Cos 1 0.8
D.C. output/V-A: 12/8.3
Panel General panel
Structural shape Open
Fuel tank capacity L 35
Fuel-consumption G/kw.h 460
Continue run time Hr 6
Starting system Electric start
Fuel model Unleaded gasoline
Net weight Kg 150
Dimension (LxWxH) Mm 990x690x700
Engine model 2V78F
Bore x Stroke Mm 78x71
Max. engine power Kw/rpm 15/3600
Engine type Double cylinder, 4-stroke, forced air cooled, OHV
PTO shaft rotation CCW (face to output side)
Displacement Ml 678
Fuel-consumption G/kw.h ≦ 374
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Inlet valve gap Mm 0.10~0.15
Outlet valve gap Mm 0.15~0.20
Spark plug F7TC
Ignition mode Thyristor no-contact ignigion
Type of air cleaner Double elements
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