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Mobile Lighting Tower

Through years of development, HUIHAO has been at the cutting edge of diesel generator technology. In virtue of this superiority, we conduct diversified development and design the mobile lighting tower. Main components of this mobile lighting equipment are all manufactured and assembled by HUIHAO. Therefore, we offer you extremely high cost performance and unbeatable services. This portable light tower is widely used in all kinds of large scale construction sites, mines, maintenance and first-aid repair sites, road works, accident handling sites, rescue and relief works, etc. offering large area high luminance illumination.

Features of Mobile Lighting Tower
1. Machine housing is made of high strength steel plates and the surface is covered with a layer of powder coating which can effectively protect each component. Protective grade is up to IP33.
2. Due to high quality traveling system, the lighting tower can not be damaged during transporting.
3. The emergency lighting equipment is outfitted with four galvanized lift supports which can offer reliable and stable support whether it is at rugged construction sites or in strong wind.
4. The mobile lighting tower is designed with four 1000w energy efficient lamps which come with high luminance and large illuminating area. The light source can serve for more than 10,000 hours, especially suitable for large scale outdoor illumination.
5. Thanks to unique oval lampshade designs, the light can be emitted by straight line, providing the best illumination effect for construction site.
6. The lifting mechanism of this construction light tower is made from high strength alloy. It can achieve automatic lifting and lowering adjustment and each lamp can be adjusted and calibrated independently.
7. This mobile lighting tower comes with a main lifting mast which can rotate 360°. When it lifts, it can implement adjustment to lights according actual demands.

Technical Parameters of Mobile Lighting Tower
Items unit HHT7040XD
length m 3.1
width m 1.1
height m 3.55
The maximum height of the mast m 7
weight kg 375
Engine model   HH186FAG3E
Engine type   Single-cylinder, vertical, 4-stroke, air-cooled diesel engine
Engine speed r/min 3000 3600
Rated power Kw 4.5 5
Engine oil model   SAE10W30
Generator type   Single-phase motor with brush
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage V 230V 60HZ
Insulation class   F 120V/240V
Lamp model   E40
Lamp type   Flood light, metal halogen lamp
Power of lamps   4×400W
luminous flux   44000×4 4×1000W
Lamp protective grade   IP65 176,000×4
Fuel tank type   upper tank
Fuel tank capacity L 30
Continue run time Hrs. 20
Mast driving type   Pneumatic
Rotation angle of the mast   Non-rotatable Manual
Adjustable angle   Unadjustable 360°
Wheel model   ST175/80D13 6PR 45°
Wheel type   Vacuum tyre
Support leg type   Hand operated
Output socket   Single phase socket
Details of mobile lighting tower
    1. Diesel EngineThe diesel engines are made from unique alloy materials and come with high precision gear drive, efficient direct injection system.
    1. Diesel Generator (Open Frame)The diesel generator is widely used in railway, outdoor construction sites and traffic maintenance as well as factories and enterprises.
    1. Diesel Generator (Low Noise)The diesel engine of generator comes with efficient combustion system which ensures complete combustion and reduce noise.
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