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Water Pump (Driven By Diesel Engine)

Working at diesel engine industry for many years, HUIHAO develops an easy-to-carry water pump that is driven by diesel engine and is ideally suitable for farm irrigation and water drainage as well as use in workplaces. The pumping unit, also called diesel water pump, is available in multiple displacements. The maximum displacement is up to 168m3/h.It is driven by HUIHAO diesel engine which is developed by our own and known as low oil consumption and low noise. In practical uses, this diesel pump unit serves as perfect both industrial and agricultural machine

The body of this water pump is made of aluminum alloy which reduces machine weight and ensures convenient movement. The impeller and fairing specially designed by means of fluid mechanics enable long distance pumping and high head water supply. The maximum water supply distance of this irrigation machinery is up to 16m. In addition, this pump set is provided with low oil pressure alarm. Because of that, it can be automatically shut down when the oil tank is empty or has little amount of lubricating oil left.

To be surprised, our diesel driven water pump can be equipped with remote controller by which you can control it from 200m far, making it more controllable.

Features of Water Pump
1. Superior Operating Performance

The water pump is powered by HUIHAO diesel engine. Whether the engine has single cylinder or double cylinder, it comes in two start types, i.e. electric starting or manual starting, thus making the pump unit to be easily operated.

2. High Reliability
We enforce a great deal of tests before the water pump is put into production and conduct timely adjustment and improvement to product flaws detected during test. As a result, our diesel water pumps feature smaller vibration and lower noise during operation, ensuring low maintenance.

3. Easy Maintenance
Due to high quality mechanical sealing performance, the whole pumping unit features longer service life. Only by unscrewing several bolts can users clean the pump interior and housing.

1. The exhaust of the water pump contains toxic carbon monoxide, so please don't operate it in the places where ventilation is negative.
2. Under specified conditions, diesel is extremely flammable and explosive. Therefore, please refuel the water pumping machine in ventilated area and shut down the engine before refueling.
3. Please make sure the pump is operated in horizontal plane. If it tilts, diesel may be overflowed.
4. Keep your children and pet away from operation area so as to protect them from being burned by hot engine parts.
5. Please shut the water pump down during maintenance.
6. Please use HUIHAO accessories or replacements that have same quality. The accessories with unequal quality will damage the pump. If it is used in dirty area, please maintain it frequently.
7. When load is large or temperature is high, please replace lubricating oil every other 25 hour.
8. If you have no appropriate tools or no professional expertise in machinery, please ask agents authorized by HUIHAO for maintenance.