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Welder Generator

The welder generator manufactured by HUIHAO, the leading diesel engine and diesel generator manufacturer in China, can be used as a small size DC welder for all kinds of metal parts. It is also an AC synchronous generator used as single phase power supply for household appliances such as lighting, electric fans, etc.

This welder generator is equipped with our self-developed HH186FAG diesel engine. The engine comes with a low oil pressure automatic shutdown system and an excellent automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which can enforce overload protection to the diesel generator set. When it is used as an arc welding machine, the welder generator can adjust the welding current. The maximum amperage of the current adjusted can be up to 180A. In addition, the 4.0 welding electrode can be used and the maximum power used for welding reaches 2Kw.

Technical Parameters of Welder Generator
  • HHDE6500TW
  • HHDE6500XW
  • HHDE6500EW
Items Unit HHDE6500TW HHDE6500XW HHDE6500EW
Frequency Hz 50/ 60 50/ 60 50/ 60
Rated power Kw 2.0/ 2.2 2.0/ 2.2 2.0/ 2.2
Rated voltage V 230/ 240 230/ 240 230/ 240
Rated current A 8.7/ 9.2 8.7/ 9.2 8.7/ 9.2
Phase   Single-phase Single-phase Single-phase
Power factor Cosφ 1 1 1
Welding voltage at zero load V 55-65 55-65 55-65
Welding current A 180 180 180
Working voltage V 25~30 25~30 25~30
Welding load continuous ratio   40% 40% 40%
Adjustable current range   60-180A 60-180A 60-180A
Rated speed r/min 3000(3600) 3000(3600) 3000(3600)
Starting system   12V electric starter recoil starter 12V electric starter
Engine model   HH186FAGE HH186FAG HH186FAGE
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 925×515×715 735×535×600 735×535×600
Net weight kg 171 110 110

Features of Welder Generator
1. Dual Use and Easy Operation

The diesel welder generator integrates welder and generator as a whole, thus ensuring dual purposes and achieving ideal combination of cost effectiveness and practicality. According to practical application, we offer three types, i.e. quiet type, manual start type and electric start type. Light and brief design improves its operability and save large storage space. Four durable wheels make it easier to be transported.

2. Synchronous Use and Wide Application
The welder generator features excellent load performance. When used for welding, it can also supply electricity. Welding will not influence power generation on the voltage and wave form, thus improving working efficiency and convenience. It is easy to strike an arc and keep it stable. And, the welding current is easy to be adjusted and the adjustment range is large, therefore it is suitable for various welding electrodes and welding environments.

3. High Quality Power
Due to state-of-the-art AVR technology and the application of damper, the portable welder generator can achieve perfect welding voltage wave form, and excellent welding current without fluctuation which enables high quality welding operation.

In practical applications, furthermore, this welder generator with outstanding versatility can offer you more convenience. For instance, it can serve as a stationary or mobile small size power plant used for manual welding by single person in the places with insufficient power or without power supply. Aside from this purpose, our welder generator can also serve as a mobile or stationary power source to provide electricity for lights, household appliances, electric tools and welders in towns, countries, forests, construction sites, small ships, etc. where power supply is absent.

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