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Diesel Generator Set

Equipped with our self-developed diesel engine that features four stroke, vertical type, single cylinder, direct injection and water cooling, the diesel generator set, also called dieselgenset will amazingly meet your requirements. In addition, other unique characteristics and performance will make this power generation unit incredibly superior over its competitors in the market. For example, the engine of this diesel generator set comes with an excellent bearing that is in conformity with ISO tolerance P5 standard, thus enabling reduction of engine internal wear and ensuring the power equipment higher durability.

The diesel generating set employs 800# cold rolled steel sheet to increase rotor length, making sure that the main parts of this generator will not be damaged by heat during its long term operation. To keep higher safety, our diesel generator set is also designed with high performance automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that can carry out automatic adjustment to generator output voltage. Currently, this generator unit is widely used in the places where low noise is strictly required such as hospitals, hotels, upscale living areas, shopping malls, etc.

HUIHAO offers an excellent selection of open frame and low noise diesel generator sets. Based on that, we offer two power supply modes according to customer's demands, namely single phase mode and three-phase mode. It is worth mentioning that the 3Phase 380V type generator set is suitable for industrial equipment which comes with a rated voltage of 380V while not suitable for home use.