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Diesel Generator (Low Noise)

Generating low noise during operation, the diesel generator is also called low noise diesel generator or silent diesel generator. It is one of the best power generation solutions, equipped with our self-developed diesel engine and extensively used in homes, small and medium scale agricultural projects, factories, construction machinery, irrigation machinery and other application areas. This diesel generator comes with an automatic shutdown system and a superior automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which allows excellent overload protection to the power supply unit when there is no voltage output.

On the basis of AVR, the diesel generator is specially designed with an automatic transmission switch (ATS) which will start the equipment when the power grid fails and shut it down when the power grid recovers. Additionally, the diesel generator set boasts a reasonable ventilation and noise reduction design which not only reduce internal temperature but also realize 20db more noise reduction than open frame type.

1. Low Noise Running

The diesel engine of this quiet generator comes with an efficient combustion system which ensures complete combustion and thereby reduce engine noise. In addition, the diesel engine generator features a double deck noise reduction structure i.e. the housing and sound insulating lining, and a large size muffler which can considerably reduce noise of the generator set.

2. Low Oil Pressure Warning Device
The low noise diesel generator is specially designed with a low oil pressure warning device which can make the power unit automatically shut down before the oil pressure drops to the warning line. It can not be restarted until the lubricating oil is replenished, thus avoiding damage.

3. Tilt Rotor and Damper Winding
The diesel power generator comes with a tilt rotor which enables minimum wave form distortion, and features damper winding which can protect the generator set in short circuit and stabilize voltage fluctuation.

HUIHAO is a prominent diesel generator supplier in China. According to customer's demands, we can offer the low noise diesel generators driven by both single and double cylinder diesel engines. They all come in a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, and the maximum output power of the generator powered by double cylinder diesel engine can reach 11.5Kw. Power supply mode comes in single phase and three-phase.