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Diesel Engine

    1. Single Cylinder Diesel EngineEngine types: Single-cylinder,vertical,4-stroke,air-cooled,diesel engine
      Combustion system: Direct injection
      Start type: recoil,electric
    1. Double Cylinder Diesel EngineAir intake type: Nature aspiration
      Cooling type: Air cooling
      Exhaust level: EPA Tier IV
      Injection system: Mechanical injection pump & injection nozzle

HUIHAO is a China-based specialist diesel engine designer, manufacturer and distributor. Diesel engine, also called compression-ignition engine is our core product. So far, we have developed three series of diesel engines including single cylinder engine,double cylinder engine and water-cooled single cylinder diesel engine. These kinds of power equipment are not only used for our open frame diesel generators, low noise diesel generators, diesel generator sets and other products, but also directly sold to global markets.

Features of Diesel Engine
1. Drive System
HUIHAO small size diesel engine employs excellent gear drive mechanism which can considerably reduce vibration and noise. It comes in two kinds of rotating speed, i.e. 3000RPM and 3600RPM.

2. Noise Reduction Design
This internal combustion engine is designed with a high efficiency muffler which can remarkably reduce exhaust noise, and a large air filter which can reduce induction noise to the minimum level. In addition, high strength cylinder body and cylinder head casing as well as reasonably designed variable valve timing devices can further reduce engine noise.

3. Fuel Injection Technology
The diesel engine manufactured by HUIHAO boasts an exquisite fuel injection system that is developed by our own and can ensure high efficiency fuel oil injection. High precision fuel injection pump and direct injection system enable ideal oil consumption. Since it can still normally start and run at an ultra low temperature of -20℃, it is especially suitable for use in cold areas and winter. In addition, the combustion chamber needs relatively low injection pressure, thus fuel injection nozzle is hard to be blocked, allowing perfect combustion and a minimum oil consumption of 212g/kw·h.

As the global environmental problems are becoming increasingly severe, HUIHAO insists continuous innovation and constantly improve the performance of our diesel engines from the aspects of fuel oil and engine body, so as to reduce negative influence on environment. For example, we have developed an exquisite fuel injection system which can ensure efficient fuel injection. Today, the majority of HUIHAO diesel engines has been approved by EPA and is called real green engine or eco-friendly engine.

HUIHAO diesel engines have found wide applications. They can be connected with air compressors, cleaning machines, vibration pumps, agricultural machinery, etc. directly or by belt, offering them steady power. Our engines are made from unique alloy materials and come with high precision gear drive design, efficient direct injection system and reasonable exhaust muffling system, thus ensuring light weight, high efficiency, low oil consumption and low noise.

Our diesel engine is available in 50Hz and 60Hz options. The displacement of our single cylinder engine is divided into 211cc, 305cc and 418cc, and the displacement of our double cylinder engine is 1L.