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Double Cylinder Diesel Engine

Item Unit HH292F
Bore mm 92
Stroke mm 76
Displacement L 1.0
Compression ratio   19
Air intake type   Nature aspiration
Cooling type   Air cooling
Rated output Kw/HP 15/20 15.6/21
Rated speed r/min 3000/3600
Max. torque Nm 54
Engine speed at max. torque r/min 2200
Min. fuel consumption g/kW.h 220
Min. steady speed r/min 1200
Max. noise dB(A) 106
Min. oil pressure [bar] 1.0
Max. permissible oil temperature 110
Speed droop (steady state) mechanical % 5
Speed droop (steady state) electrical % 1.0
Exhaust level EPA Tier IV
Injection system   Mechanical injection pump & injection nozzle
Crankshaft rotation (output side)   left
Oil pump structure   Rotator
Fuel model   0# (Normal), -10#(Winter)
Lubricating oil model   40CD (Summer), 30CD (Winter) (GB11122)
Battery capacity V/Ah 12/36
Net weight kg 82
Dimension (L×W×H) mm 446×461×572
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