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    1. For instance, it is widely used in various buildings such as office buildings, residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc. for powering lights, electric appliances, elevators, and other things. Generally, it is used as backup power, for handling the insufficient grid electricity or for emergency use.

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Diesel Engine, Generator Sets
Water Pump Manufacturer in China

    1. Diesel EngineThe diesel engines are made from unique alloy materials and come with high precision gear drive, efficient direct injection system.
    1. Diesel Generator (Open Frame)The diesel generator is widely used in railway, outdoor construction sites and traffic maintenance as well as factories and enterprises.
    1. Diesel Generator (Low Noise)The diesel engine of generator comes with efficient combustion system which ensures complete combustion and reduce noise.

Water pump, Gensets manufacturer

For projects off the grid or in short electrical supply, diesel engine and diesel generators will keep equipment going so your work isn't slowed down. Huihao Machienry's diesel generator sets, welder generators, water pumps, and mobile lighting towers deliver continuous power and are dependable, durable and efficient. Though a relatively young company, Huihao's staff work tirelessly to develop new products like the ZDA15 general purpose diesel engine and generator set which can be used in air compressors, vibration pumps, agricultural machinery, and power equipment. Designed to have long service lives and low emissions, Huihao's diesel motors are an increasingly popular choice among Chinese and international businesses.

Main products
    1. Diesel Engine

      We have developed three series including single cylinder engine, double cylinder engine and water cooled diesel engine.
      They can be connected with air compressors, cleaning machines, vibration pumps, agricultural machinery.

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    1. Diesel Generator (Open Frame)

      Diesel generator with open frame is suitable for outdoor places where electric supply is unavailable. For example, it is widely used in railway, outdoor construction sites and traffic maintenance as well as factories and enterprises.
      It is power generation equipment is provided with a new type automatic voltage regulator.
      It is used in railway, outdoor construction sites and traffic maintenance.

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    1. Diesel Generator (Low Noise)

      Our low noise diesel generator can be powered by double cylinder or single cylinder diesel engine.
      The diesel generator is specially designed with an automatic transmission switch.

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    1. Diesel Generator Set

      The diesel generator set is equipped with four stroke, vertical type, single cylinder, water cooling diesel engine.
      This generator unit is suitable for hospitals, hotels, shopping malls.

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    1. Welder Generator

      It can be used as can be used as DC welder for metal parts, also as an AC synchronous generator.
      We provide quiet type, manual start type and electric start type welder generator for customers.

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    1. Mobile Lighting Tower

      The mobile lighting tower is designed with four 1000w energy efficient lamps.
      This portable light tower is used in large scale construction sites, mines, road works, accident handling sites.

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